My Story

My family and I would attend church nearly every Sunday and I would serve on the altar, but it never meant much to me. At a young age, I never understood the true meaning of what Jesus had done for me and never had experienced God’s full and unconditional love. I understood God as someone who was in the sky and in order to receive any kind of love from him, I would have to live a perfect life, one with no sin and never fail, or else bad things would happen to me.

In university, I was lost and felt like my faith wasn’t going anywhere. I asked the Lord to show me a place where I could grow in my faith and help me get to understand Him more. He led me to CCO where I signed up for a faith study. Throughout the faith study, I could feel a change in my heart, I felt like that “perfect life” I needed to live to get God to love me was taken away, and God replaced it by showing me His unconditional love. Near the end of the faith study, I chose to place Jesus at the Centre of my life, finally fully accepting Jesus into my life and letting Him guide me in everything I do. Since then, I continue to grow in my faith by taking more faith studies, while also growing in fellowship with others.

CCO has helped me so much in reconnecting with my relationship with God, showing me I can have a close, personal relationship with Him. God has called me to be a campus missionary at the University of Saskatchewan to help spread his love and help guide students back to him and rebuild their relationship with God. I am overjoyed that I get the blessing to spread the great news of Jesus. The thing that excites me the most about being a missionary is seeing lives changed and people coming back to God.


Please pray for the hearts of the students, that they may come to know Jesus and experience his full and unconditional love.

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