Cameron Ayles

Campus Leader, Trent University
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I am from a town 15 minutes south of Calgary called Okotoks where my parents and younger brother reside. I was very fortunate to grow up with a set of grandparents in our basement, and my other grandparents living in close proximity to us as well. On top of that, most of my extended family live in and around the Calgary. Growing up surrounded by my goofy extended family was a huge blessing which brings up lots of great memories and some pretty funny ones too!

Jesus is my Lord and Savior, and He truly is at the centre of everything I do. I rely on Him everyday to help guide and direct me down the road as He reveals the plans He has for me.

When I left home to attend the University of Ottawa, I did so without involving God in my life, even though I had grown up going to Mass. I relied on myself to get through anything that came my way, positive or negative. My life in Ottawa was great, but a couple bumps in the road left me searching for more. Having good friends, being in my desired program, and being in charge of my own life wasn’t enough; the world wasn’t enough.

While I was trying to figure out what I was looking for, my brother asked me to be his Confirmation sponsor. I knew that at that moment I wasn’t the right person to be his sponsor, but I wanted to be there for my brother. I told him I would be his sponsor, then I told myself that I was going to make an honest effort to be a true sponsor. So I asked some friends how I could both get involved in my faith and truly be a good sponsor. One of them invited me to participate in a six week faith study offered by CCO about 2 months before my brother’s Confirmation, so I took him up on it.

After the fifth lesson, I attended an evening of Eucharistic Adoration and worship hosted by CCO. It was at this event, while trying to be the right person for my brother, that God revealed Himself to me personally. He asked me to let Him in, to let Him handle the bumps in the road, and to let Him be everything the world isn’t.


I will be a Campus Missionary at Queen’s University in the Fall. An experience that has stood out for me was in the summer of 2014 while I was on an Impact mission. I saw people from every walk of life come and encounter Christ in a real and personal way. It was a true blessing. Whether they were very young in their faith, or had been practicing Catholics for the last 50 years, to see the amount of joy they had when they chose to live with Jesus at the centre of their lives was definitely a huge highlight.

A CCO ministry that has had a profound effect on me is Summit (an evening of Eucharistic Adoration, worship, Reconciliation and guest speakers). It has been instrumental in my life and the life of many of my friends as we were beginning to establish our relationships with God. Today, it is still important to us, and we always see new people at Summits who are encountering the Lord in a personal way, maybe for the first time.

While preparing to be on campus in the Fall, I have realized how important being docile to the Lord is, as well as a prayer life that is growing consistently. The strength of our ministry comes from God, so being able to follow His direction and growing closer to Him on a daily basis truly is important.


Myself and many CCO staff members are currently in the process of raising both prayer support and financial support for our mission, as well as inviting people into the mission with us. If you could please pray for us and those we talk to, that the Lord can continue to guide us while we are on this journey.
If you could please also pray for the students that we will be interacting with this year, and that they would be open to discovering the love the Father has for them!