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Cameron Beare

Team Leader

Dalhousie University

My Story

I live in Ottawa with my beautiful wife, Angela, and our two kids, Benjamin and Hannah. As a missionary family, we live by providence. This is showing us just how generous God can be through the people who support us.

I committed myself to serve Christ in my second year at university. That semester, I had accepted a friend’s invitation to take a CCO faith study. Through it, he showed me what it meant to place Jesus at the centre of my life. This decision has led me to where I am today – experiencing God’s presence in my life while seeing Him impact others in powerful ways.

Today, I lead the team of full time missionaries at the University of Ottawa. We run a student movement dedicated to evangelization right in the centre of campus. Though our strategies develop year by year, our purpose remains the same: to reach students with the gospel and build them up as leaders for the renewal of the world.

I get to challenge students in extraordinary ways. One of my favourites is to ask a student to give up their summer to work as an evangelist on mission with CCO. It’s crazy how it has become normal for us to see students put aside their plans and timelines to respond to God’s call – not just with their summer but also with their lives.

A particular highlight of working with CCO has being able to see our strategies transition easily in other cultures. I was able to see this happen first hand in Honduras. The missionary students we raise there are still, to this day, leading faith studies and activating new leaders on their campus.

Another highlight so far has been seeing my sister, an army officer, encounter CCO, experience conversion and receive a strong missionary drive. An iconic moment that we shared together was giving a talk in front of one hundred and fifty university students. Together, we invited them to abandon their lives to Christ. God is able to move mountains in the lives of those we know!

Being a missionary has taught me the importance of leadership and personal excellence. If I am to grow with our campus, I must become a man of greater influence and character. I must also have a genuine heart of care for each individual that I invest in. After just a few years in CCO, I have seen this growth occur in myself as a leader and as a man.


The University of Ottawa began in 1848 by the first bishop of Ottawa. I can only imagine that he had the conversion of students in mind when he engraved the motto “God is the Lord of All Knowledge” at the centre of our university hall.

Over one hundred and fifty years later, we’ve returned to fulfill this mission. Pray that this campus will be a place where all students go to find Christ, not leave Him.

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