Cameron Beare

Campus Leader, University of Ottawa
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I currently live in Ottawa with my beautiful wife, Angela, and our son, Benjamin. As a missionary family, we live by providence. This is showing us just how generous God can be through the people who support us.

Jesus only became a tangible part of my life in my second year at university. That semester, I had accepted a friend’s invitation to take a CCO faith study. Through it, he showed me what it meant to place Jesus at the centre of my life. This decision has led me to where I am today – experiencing God’s presence in my life while seeing Him impact others in powerful ways.

Today, I work full time with a team of missionaries at the University of Ottawa. Incredibly, in the centre of campus, we run a student movement dedicated to evangelization. No matter what strategy we use, our purpose always remains the same: to reach students with the Gospel message and build them up as leaders for the renewal of the world.

As a missionary I get to challenge students in extraordinary ways. One of my favourites is to ask a student to come with me to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation (i.e. confession). This sacrament is amazing, but is often portrayed poorly in popular culture. Nothing compares, though, to seeing a student entering heavy-hearted, and returning joyful, free and having encountered God’s mercy.

A particular highlight for me was great to see my brother join me at Rise Up 2015 in Montreal. Like me, he found it to be a great time to ‘hit the restart button’ in his relationship with God. Since then, he still gets together regularly with the friends he made there.

Being a missionary has taught me the importance of leadership and personal excellence. If I am to grow with our campus, I must become a man of greater influence and character. I must also have a genuine heart for each individual that I invest in. After only a few years, I have already seen myself learn and grow in both of these ways.


At the University of Ottawa, our movement is expanding. As we grow, pray that our students’ heart for the lost will cause them to reach out in bigger and bolder ways than we have ever seen.

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