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Chady Elias

Campus Missionary Intern

Dalhousie University

For me, growing up, I was heavily influenced by the people around me. I always wanted to live the “life of a rapper” (shoutout Drake.) In high school and into university my lifestyle reflected this desire. Religion is part of the culture I’m from, but it always felt like an insurance policy, you do it, just to cover your butt. We went to church sometimes, but not often, I never heard about God in a personal way. God felt confusing, intimidating, and far off. Because of this, I was not at all interested in pursuing my faith.

I was at an all-time low, I just got out of a toxic relationship, and I decided I had to change the way I was living, no more indulging in my pleasures. Ultimately this was all out of fear towards God’s punishment. But I had tried everything else, and I realized God was my only option. After all, the only one still there for me after all this mess was God. Looking back, I now know he was the one carrying me through all those tough days and long nights.

In September of my fourth year of university, I was encouraged to come meet CCO. I was very hesitant, but I also knew this might be good for me to be around other people who wanted to live moral lives. Through the study, I saw that Jesus was the answer to the deepest desires of my heart. Jesus showed me more about what my purpose in life could be. I was so inspired, these truths about God were so new, but Jesus still felt far off for me personally.

I was invited to go to Rise up in Toronto, a conference held by CCO. I was really hesitant at first, but something inside of me told me I needed to go. When I was there something amazing happened. During one of the evenings, we spent time praying over each other for the Holy Spirit. When I was prayed over, I experienced the Holy Spirit. The presence of God came over me, I felt chills and a cold breeze, I knew it was Jesus because I felt so much peace and love. He was showing me that he wasn’t a far-off, angry and punishing God, but a loving Father, who wanted to encounter me and show me his real love. After Rise up, I was ready to fully commit my life to Jesus, putting him at the center of my life.

Now I am living out a personal relationship with Jesus, He is my hope, and purpose in my life. Now I strive to grow in my relationship through daily prayer, I go to him each morning to speak to him. I now participate in the sacraments regularly, going to confession, and Sunday mass.

Jesus has helped me discover the person I want to become. It’s given me confidence and understanding of who I am.

I am currently set to become a Campus Missionary with CCO. I am excited to find someone who was much like myself, lost and heavily indulging in the pleasures of the world, and show him that Jesus has more to offer, the same way my missionary did for me. I want to change someone’s world!


Strength, Wisdom, Peace, and Joy.

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