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Chelsey Kress

Director of Finance and Properties

Administration Division

My Story

Growing up, Mom (Louise) and Dad (George) joked that I had ‘middle-child syndrome’ being the only girl stuck in between two boys (Dallas and Tristan)! I was delighted to finally get my sister when my older brother Tristan married Kristin (yes-it rhymes).They have since blessed my life with my nephew Connor, and nieces Taylor and Mackenzie! Even though we live at a distance, my family is such a blessing in my life and my nieces and nephew are the only ones stealing my heart at the moment!

I am passionate about Jesus! Despite having grown up in a faithful family, it wasn’t until my university years that I discovered this deep passion of my heart.

I was unassumingly in church praying when Jesus stirred in my heart His profound love for me. It was an encounter I will never forget and my life has been forever changed. As I discovered more and more His love for me, I also fell in love with Him. It is my desire for others to also encounter such true love in Jesus – a love that propels sharing.

I’ve had the privilege to serve CCO in a few capacities over the years. I’ve worked on campus at Carleton University for 3 years and presently serve at Headquarters on the Finance team. I’ve also served as staff on the Impact 2011 mission, and am co-leader of our mission to World Youth Day Brazil 2013.

It is an unforgettable experience to disciple and journey with a young soul as they encounter truth and love in Jesus Christ, and place Him at the centre of their life. I’ve had the privilege to witness first-hand several conversions, and these people have left a lasting impression on my heart!

I also love leading people to an encounter with Christ in worship. I’ve led in various contexts over the years, but leading worship at Rise Up (CCO’s National Christmas Conference) is an incredible experience that I always look forward to!

In my first year on staff I met a young woman who I was leading in a faith study on campus. She was far from the Church and Jesus and was quite resistant to most things faith-related. Over the next three years my relationship and care for her grew and I was able to journey closely with her back to Jesus. In my last year on that campus, she was leading CCO’s student executive and was on fire to share the Gospel with students! To this day I continue to witness the transformation of a beautiful woman of God – truly awe-inspiring!

I’m also humbled by how the Lord works through my gifts of worship. I’ve encountered many people who have shared with me how worship has brought them closer to the Lord. I can only thank God for allowing my instrument to be used as His.

I am so appreciative to CCO for the well-rounded growth it has brought to my life! Spiritually, I have grown in my intimacy with the Lord and my heart of worship has been fostered in a beautiful way. I have grown to be convicted of, and confident in, God’s faithfulness as time and time again He has more than proven Himself in my own life, in my support raising with CCO, and with students that I’ve worked with on campus.

Professionally, my experience in different departments has grown me in gaining knowledge and skills in various areas, especially within accounting and leadership.

Personally, working for CCO has blessed my life in so many ways and brought me into relationship with many beautiful people that have helped form and grow me into the woman of God I am today.


Working now in an administrative role with CCO it can be easy to get caught up in tasks and forget the mission that is before me. Please pray that I may continue to use my work for the Lord and for the salvation of souls.

Also please pray for my family, that the Lord would continue to bring us closer despite living far from one another.

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