Christy Dupuis

Parish Consultant, Ministry Training and Program Development
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Growing up in a small prairie town, I thought I had it all. I did well in school, worked hard, was well respected in the community, and had many friends and a fun social life to top it all off. My family was Catholic and we attended Mass most Sunday’s. We were involved in the parish and prayed before bed time and meals, but if someone had asked me why I was Catholic I wouldn’t have been able to respond.

When I moved to Regina to study at the University there was no one knocking on my door to get me to Mass Sunday morning and in fact of all the new friends I made there was only one person, that I knew of, who attended Mass. University brought the stark reality that I wasn’t as successful as I thought I was. I was no longer the top of my class, people didn’t know me in this new city and the first group of friends I made simply wanted to party every weekend. One night I came home from the bar and laying in my bed I thought, “Is this really as good as it gets?”

Around the same time, my family started attending some Catholic Youth retreats by Face to Face Ministries. My parents and siblings suddenly started questioning me about my faith and speaking openly about their own relationships with Jesus. My mom kept on asking me to attend a retreat, over and over again. I finally said yes in the hopes that she would stop bugging me.

At this retreat, the speaker spoke about Jesus and His sacrifice in a personal way. One of the team members said to me: “Did you know, if you were the only person standing before the Cross at Calvary, Jesus still would have died just for you.”

I had no idea.

That weekend I had the opportunity to experience Eucharistic Adoration for the very first time. When they placed the monstrance on the altar, I had no idea what the Eucharist was, but somehow I knew that Jesus was before me. I gazed at the Eucharist and thought, “You have given everything to me, how can I not give everything back to you.”

I went back to University and called my only friend whom I knew attended Mass. He immediately offered to take me to Mass and introduced me to a group of his friends who all happened to be involved with CCO. I continued to attend and volunteer with Face to Face Ministries and began to get involved with CCO on my campus.

I still remember the first Impact Mission I attended as a student with CCO. I was leading a bible study in a Halifax parish and one of the women who was in her 60’s looked at me and said: “I’ve attended Mass my whole life, why didn’t I know how much Jesus loves me. This changes everything.” My experience serving with other young adults in parishes that summer convinced me of the great need for missionaries right here in Canada!

After completing my degree I joined staff with CCO and worked for 8 years as a campus missionary, team leader, and director. I LOVED my work.

After my second son was born, my husband and I discerned that I needed to step more fully into my role as a mom. My time away from CCO was instrumental in teaching me about the primary role of my married vocation and the gift of my motherhood. Throughout this time I also had the opportunity to learn how to be a missionary outside of my position in the movement.

I have continued to accompany others to Christ, speak at conferences and retreats, and volunteer many hours towards renewal efforts in my local parish. The Lord has grown a great vision in my heart for parishes. I believe that parishes are meant to be hubs of evangelical activity; communities that support, inspire, and build up disciples and send them out to be missionary in every area of the world.

I am thrilled to be called back into service with CCO. I have had the privilege of living the CCO way of evangelization in a parish setting for the past 5 years and I am excited to work, once again, to equip many leaders to bring widespread change to our parishes!

I love to pioneer new projects and the new Parish arm of CCO is particularly near and dear to my heart. I will be serving as a Parish Missionary in Martensville, Saskatchewan, seeking to build a movement in our parish of multiplying disciples. I will also have the privilege of collaborating with other CCO leaders to develop resources and coach leaders who are interested in applying CCO’s methods and resources in their parishes.

In the past nearly 15 years that I have been serving in ministry I have seen a wave building in the church. Parish leaders are desiring renewal for their communities, vibrancy, and real authentic conversion. CCO has a wealth of knowledge and experience to share, particularly in the art of accompaniment—journeying with people to Christ and commissioning them as multiplying missionaries. I look forward to finding creative, simple, and accessible ways to share this knowledge with many people!

Hope is in the air! And I am so excited to be a part of this new initiative.


Please pray for the spiritual protection and health of my family.

For evangelization efforts in our parish, individuals who are journeying back to the church and leaders who are being equipped to lead others to Christ.

For CCO as we continue to discern and develop resources to help serve parishes.