My Story

CCO was instrumental in accompanying me when I returned to my Catholic faith. During my second year of University I was invited to a Catholic youth retreat and while my faith was not important to me at this time my family had planted strong seeds of Catholic practice and tradition. At this retreat, I encountered Jesus in a powerful way. I was moved by the Holy Spirit to know that Jesus, His life, death and resurrection were real and that His sacrifice had been for me. I chose. that weekend, to give my whole life to Jesus and to serve Him by proclaiming the Gospel to others.

CCO equipped and formed me as a missionary and my love for Jesus and zeal for souls grew until I knew that I needed to give my life in service as missionary. I served as a campus missionary and then as a director and on the national programming team from 2005 until 2013.

For the past 7 years I have been at home raising our four children, Victor, Benjamin, Clara and Ethan with my husband Dan. This season of my life has been filled with learning and growth as I came to understand how to be a wife, a mother and serve as a missionary. Throughout these years I have worked as a consultant for various ministry groups and parishes, served on Diocesan councils and event teams, been a member of our Parish Leadership Team and worked as a Pastoral Associate. I have also spoken at conferences and lead retreats and workshops throughout Canada. I continue to commit myself to growing and developing my skills as a missionary.

My experience and growth in my relationship with Jesus has revealed to me a deep call to serve both my vocation of motherhood and my missionary apostolate. A friend, when I resigned from CCO in 2013, gifted me a statue of Our Lady; in one arm she holds the child Jesus and in the other a lamb. The lamb, of course, has many meanings for a Christian, but for me, I immediately thought of the lost sheep. Like Mary, whose yes to God was motivated both by a love for her redeemer and a love for His people, I also find that my heart and hands must be open to hold both my call to motherhood and to the missionary purpose of seeking out and accompanying the lost.

As a Parish Specialist with CCO, I look forward to working with individuals who are committed to growing in leadership for the renewal of the world. I truly believe that CCO’s accompaniment approach to evangelization is the most effective and loving way to see souls come to know, love, and serve Jesus. Through coaching and mentoring individuals in CCO’s methods and materials we will see individuals, parishes, and dioceses equipped and transformed for real renewal in our church and world. Thank you for your support; your contributions are what allow myself and all of the CCO missionaries to do the work that we are called to do. You play an essential role in the evangelization of our world.


Please pray for the protection, health and faith of my husband (Dan) and children (Victor, Benjamin, Clara, and Ethan).

Please pray for all leaders who are being accompanied by CCO missionaries and for their individual missionary activity.

I have a genetic eye disease called Stargardt’s and am progressively losing my central vision, would you please pray for me for a miracle of healing.

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