My Story

I was born and raised in El Salvador and grew up in a Seventh – Day Adventist family. However, at the age of eight, I was baptized in the Catholic Church. This was my own decision and with the full support of my mother. I grew up knowing that God existed but I didn’t have a relationship with Him. I called Him when I needed help, when I was scared and worried. I didn’t reach out to Jesus unless I needed a favor. I filled my life with this pursuit of excellence whether in school or extracurricular activities. I felt happy, but I still wanted more. I knew what I was doing was not enough to make everyone proud of me. In 2014, my grandfather passed away without a notice. I felt swamped, scared, and guilty. After this, I was invited to a retreat for young women where I heard for the first time about having a personal relationship with Jesus. There, in my heart, where there was emptiness, I felt warmth. After leaving that retreat, I understood that in all situations, good or bad, Jesus is always there. In 2018, I moved to Ottawa to study International Business at Carleton University. God connected people for me to get to know about CCO and they have become my family here in Canada. During these 4 years, I have felt how God has been challenging me to live the fullness of the Catholic faith. He has invited me to be part of His mission and to share the Gospel with others.


My Mission

There are two things that led me to work for CCO: 1. My greatest desire is to see everyone have a personal relationship with Jesus, just as I have. 2. I had always wanted to work in an organization whose purpose was to help others and where I felt included. I am part of the Finance team and it gives me joy to be able to use my knowledge so that we can reach more people and invite them to have a personal relationship with Jesus. I also have the opportunity to meet CCO’s donors and see how their lives have been transformed.

Help Daniela Maria Make Jesus Known

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