Dennis Barry

Campus Leader, Concordia University
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I come from a small family with a large extended family. However, my family is growing. I am blessed enough to have married my wife, Angèle Barry, on July 16th, 2016, and we had our first child in April!

I grew up surrounded by faith, but it was never anything more than a routine that I did for my mom’s sake. It was so impersonal that while in high school I questioned whether God even existed at all. Despite having profound experiences of God’s love at retreats, I remained skeptical of my faith until I got involved with CCO at Carleton University where I was doing my undergrad. God used CCO to change my life. It was there that I not only heard the message of the Gospel proclaimed clearly and simply, but also found a loving community that inspired me to greater holiness. God used CCO to invite me into a relationship with Him that I continue to invest in each day.

I am the current Campus Leader at Concordia University in Montreal. The most amazing part of being a CCO missionary for me is watching people come alive in their faith through their encounter with Christ. Encountering the living God is an encounter that forever changes you, and I have been blessed enough to see countless young adults experience the love of God, begin a relationship with him, and become protagonists in the proclamation of the Gospel message. There is nothing that brings me greater joy in the world than watching this transformation.

I have witnessed God use many aspects of our ministry to change lives, but I will highlight three: Rise Up, our Faith Studies Series, and Missions. I began my relationship with God at CCO’s Rise Up Conference and have since witnessed countless people experience conversion through Rise Up. Within the Faith Study Series students are able to hear the Gospel proclaimed clearly and simply and are equipped to thrive in their faith and be leaders in the renewal of the world. Finally, through CCO Missions, students get the opportunity to gain experience in sharing their faith in the world and leading others closer to Christ.

Being on staff has helped me to mature spiritually and personally. Spiritually, I have been blessed to witness the Father’s love in tangible ways as he has provided for my family in our support raising as well as changed the lives of students on campus. I have also been held accountable to personal prayer as well as offered the opportunity to frequent the Sacraments. I feel immensely grateful to the Lord for all of those aspects in my life. I have also been given countless leadership opportunities that have helped me grow personally as well as being held accountable to a standard of excellence in all that I do, and been supported in my own personal development.


Please pray for the continued conversions at Concordia University and that we could be authentic instruments of Christ’s love to the students that we minister to.

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