Elizabeth Krump

Team Member, Missions and Events
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I am the second eldest in a loving, Catholic family of nine kids. In my elementary years, my mom was my teacher, and I had an awesome childhood as a homeschooler.

From a young age, my parents encouraged discussions about our Catholic faith at home, and taught me the importance of asking questions if I didn’t know the answers. In high school, I began to appreciate my faith more and more because I knew it contained answers to my wildest questions about life. However, the first two years of university rocked my identity as a Catholic. I lacked the ability to express my faith clearly and simply, and so I fell for the world’s idea that being Catholic was about following a set of rules and having a ‘spiritual resume’ of good deeds to get into heaven. Frustrated by this stifling idea of faith, I began to challenge someone to tell me why the ‘rules’ mattered – or was there more? When I was ready to listen, the answer came quite simply through the CCO Discovery faith study: being a Catholic isn’t about following a narrow prescription of rules, it’s about following a person, Jesus Christ, who loves each of us deeply and has a real effect on our lives. Everything changed when I not only recognized Jesus as God with my head, but with my heart. I took a leap of faith right into the arms of a God who is more generous and merciful than I could have imagined! He has filled my life with joy!

I have moved to CCO Headquarters in Ottawa and am serving with the Missions & Events Department. I’m looking forward to being involved in all of the various missions and events our movement provides. I love seeing others experience that ‘a-ha!’ moment for the first time, when they realize that they need Jesus in their lives! I’ll never forget sharing the Discovery faith study with a 50-year old woman who once asked me, “Why has no one ever told me this before?” Everyone needs to know who Jesus is, not just university students!

Being involved in CCO means never knowing what you’re about to witness next. I’m constantly blown away by how the Holy Spirit is working in the world today. I have watched people with no faith background decide to enter the Church, and have seen others find the courage to pursue religious life as a result of involvement with CCO and discovering God’s will for their lives.

Sometimes I slip into a way of seeing the world as a series of coincidences, which is when I begin to feel as if everything (my happiness, my future) depends on me. However, in my call to staff, everything was lined up in such a way that I could not say ‘no’ to the opportunity before me – It felt so personally arranged! In the process, I was reminded that God is in everything, in all circumstances and in all people we meet. What a beautiful life He has waiting for each of us that are willing to see it.


Please pray for those who are struggling to find God’s will, that they will discover their unique path to sainthood and will have the courage to live it out. Please also pray for those who are indifferent to God, that they will have a glimpse of the joy that comes only from Christ, and will be able to find answers to any questions they may have.

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