Elizabeth Krump

Team Member, Missions and Events
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I was raised in a faithful family where faith and Jesus were part of everyday conversation. However, when I began university I was challenged by the lack of faith I experienced in my peers. I wanted to hide away my convictions, fearing that they would make me unpopular but blending in with the crowd left me feeling inauthentic and cowardly.

When I met CCO at Simon Fraser University, I had already taken several small group faith studies. Yet, the joy of one particular missionary was captivating to me. I craved the freedom I saw in her. Through friendship with this missionary, I came to believe that God had a good plan for my life too. Jesus saved me from a dark place filled with fear and shame and self-loathing. He became more than a friend, but my Savior as well. The gift of salvation filled my heart with gratitude and joy, and I have not been the same since. I want everyone to experience the freedom that comes from knowing Christ!

Jesus continues to amaze me by his goodness. In 2016 I relocated from Burnaby, BC to CCO’s Headquarters in Ottawa. In my current role as Rise Up and Events Coordinator, I get to work with nearly everyone in the movement to host our flagship event for over 750 young adults in Canada. It’s hard work – a year-long process – but when I hear participants saying that at Rise Up they experienced the love of God in a tangible way, or discovered what to do with their life, or that they simply ‘needed this’, my heart is so moved! I’m reminded of myself as a university student: questioning whether anyone else was authentically living for Jesus, and desiring more than the jaded perspective the world offers, craving hope and seeking joy… And I am so grateful that I can be a missionary and a hope-bearer for Christ!


For those who have lost hope, that they would trust that God has a good plan for them
For those suffering from addiction, that they will find freedom in Christ
For those living with mental illness, that they will be encouraged
For families, that they will grow in love and respect for one another