Elizabeth Regnier

Campus Missionary, Carleton University
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My name is Elizabeth Regnier and I come from a large family of eight children, with twelve nieces and nephews—so far! I was recently married (summer 2017) to my wonderful husband, Joel Regnier, who also works for CCO.

I was very blessed to come from such a loving family with parents who loved the Lord. From an early age, my heart was captured by Jesus and I had a close relationship with him until grades 6 and 7, where I began to drift away from him. Thankfully, upon comparing the sad life of my friends to the joyous witness of my mother, I realized that I, too, wanted to love God and live for Him! This decision was my own and I took it seriously as a young teenager (and have continued to since then).

It wasn’t until years later that I realized that as a Catholic I am called to be missionary! Knowing that brought my relationship with God to a whole other level and gave me a new lens through which to see the world: I wanted all people to know and experience the fulfilling relationship that I had with Jesus, and so I looked for opportunities to share him with others.

I have had a great experience of CCO in my young adult years, even as a student who was not on campus with them. I would visit a CCO campus once or twice a week and would attend multiple events throughout the year, hungry to grow in my faith and learn how to share the Gospel with others. I love the ministry and have received so much wisdom and growth through many missionaries over the years and I am super excited that it is now my turn to share the Gospel with others (Full-time!) and challenge them to mature in their walk with Christ.

This year, Jo and I will work alongside our team leader Michelle Aucoin at Carleton University. We will dedicate our total energy and time to proclaiming Christ and discipling our student leaders from good to greater in holiness and mission by rooting them in Scripture and pouring our lives into them.

“So it is not the will of your Father in Heaven that one of these little ones should be lost.” —Matthew 18:14


For our students! That they will open the doors of the hearts to Christ, and will continue to grow in their relationship with him, long-term.

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