Eloisa Greenwald

Campus Missionary, Mount Royal University
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I come from a small family of four, with one older brother. They are all living in Delta, BC. I am married to Dustin Greenwald, another CCO missionary.

I grew up knowing very little about who Jesus was in my life. As a teenager, I didn’t see the need for Him, but things changed very quickly when I entered my first year of university. I started realizing my need for a Saviour as my life started going down an empty path. At CCO’s annual conference, Rise Up, I was showered with God’s love and mercy through the Sacrament of Reconciliation. It was this realization of God’s unfailing love that made me fall in love with the faith, and accept Jesus Christ at the centre of my life.

I am the Team Leader at Mount Royal University (MRU). I oversee the campus movement at MRU to create a multiplying movement. On top of leading and managing the team, I lead faith studies and meet women one-on-one, helping them grow in holiness and mission through the power of the Holy Spirit. My favourite part about my role is being able to build relationships with several students and knowing that, through these relationships, God is able to work through me to reveal Himself to the students.

The highlights of being a missionary are endless. Two of my favourite things that happen is when a girl comes to accept Jesus as their personal Lord and Saviour, and when students realize their leadership potential, becoming multiplying missionaries. One highlight that stands out to me is when a girl, that I was discipling, asked several friends to join her Discovery study. And, despite only having three out of nine girls say yes, she still poured herself into those girls. After a few weeks, two of the girls in her faith study committed their lives to Christ and one girl went on to lead another faith study with her friends. This story is a big highlight because the lives of two girls were changed, and a legacy chain was started. As for the girl that I discipled, her missionary heart grew and she has become a very strong leader.

For another example of lives being impacted, in a Commission faith study, I challenged three girls to be leaders in creating a missionary culture on campus. Since this challenge, the girls gather before every large group event to host new CCO participants for dinner, challenging other leaders to invite and bring new friends. Recently, they have been gathering to pray for the campus and their specific “Timothys” and inviting other student leaders to join them

I am very grateful for God’s calling in my life to be a CCO missionary; it is such an exciting and dynamic calling. My relationship with God has grown tremendously while being on staff; in that, my prayer life has been strengthened by having strong accountability from my staff team and my students. Through the ministry of support raising, I have been able to see and be amazed by God’s generosity, and have grown in trusting the Lord.


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