Emily Millan

Campus Missionary, Memorial University
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You know that family that always sits in the front pew at Mass every Sunday? Yeah, that was us. My family has always been actively involved in their faith and various Catholic ministries, and the concept of missionary life was not foreign to me. I’ve been blessed with parents who sought to give their children a front row view of what a relationship with Christ looks like, and how to live that out.

I graduated high school and served for three years in Australia – two of them as a missionary with NET Ministries, and another as a full time youth minister within a diocese. The joy I had in sharing the Gospel and witnessing the youth and young adults experience a relationship with Christ made my heart dance with joy!

I knew that this was something that God was calling me to – a front row seat to how His Love changes lives. And how a life lived completely for Him empowers others to live it, too.

And He is still calling me to this front row seat! I am blessed to be a campus missionary at Memorial University of Newfoundland this year, and I am very excited to see how the students encounter God’s Love and how He will be working in me, too!


For the students! That they, too, will experience a front row seat in their own relationship with Christ and to be open to God’s Love.