My Story

For most of my life, I believed that my worth and value came from what I did, what others thought of me and what I was able to accomplish. Despite being well-versed in my Catholic faith, growing up in Niagara, Ontario, I considered my faith as simply a “rulebook” to live my life; a sort of manual of rules I should follow. In my first year at University, I ignored any real opportunities to be involved with the Catholic Chaplaincy on my campus, using my academics and commitments as a Varsity athlete as excuses to not attend Chaplaincy events. Going into my second year of University however, I attended a beginning of term Chaplaincy event where I was invited to take a CCO faith study called Discovery. Knowing at this point that my heart was yearning to find real purpose outside of my relationships with others and my struggle with perfectionism, I signed up. In a conversation with my faith study leader, I was invited into a personal relationship with Jesus. I realized at that moment, for the first time in my life, that my heart desired to have an identity that was not defined by any expectations I met or failed to meet, but to be loved for who I was, a daughter of God. That day, I made the concrete decision to invite Jesus to be at the center of my life, and I distinctly remember walking out of that conversation and taking a deep breath as if breathing truly for the very first time. I have never looked back!


My Mission

This year I am serving as a campus missionary at Queens University in Ontario! I am excited and humbled to serve in this particular community because of the rich opportunity to share the Gospel with students who do not know Christ, or do not know Him well enough. It brings me so much joy to be able to walk alongside students in their lives and their unique journeys of faith. There is nothing more urgent than proclaiming the truth of Christ’s love for humanity through the work of evangelization, and I am beyond excited to participate in CCO’s mission to build leaders for the renewal of the world!



Help Emma Make Jesus Known

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