Eric Chow

Director, Western Region
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I am surrounded by girls. Beautiful girls. With my wife Vanessa we have three daughters and two sons: Eva, Isabel, Sophie, Samuel, and Francis. Being a missionary family we live by providence, which has shown us just how generous God can be, through the people who support us.

Jesus is the centre of my life, and is my Lord and Saviour. I did not know how to live this in my heart, even though I was raised in a Catholic family, until I was in university. One day I walked into a church, chasing a girl. Instead, I found God. I was overwhelmed with God’s love and I experienced Him in my heart in a way I hadn’t before. I made a commitment to live with God at the centre of my life that day. I’m not sure what happened to the girl…

I’ve had many roles with CCO, including Campus Missionary, Campus Team Leader, Team Lead for international and domestic missions, and Communications Director. I am currently the Western Regional Director, overseeing our campuses in the west and focusing on CCO’s growth.

I’ve had many opportunities to present the Gospel, as a speaker at retreats and conferences, as well as in personal settings. I’ve witnessed people make a personal and heartfelt decision to place Jesus at the centre of their lives, and each of those moments have been highlights for me. I have not forgotten them and I still continue to pray for them.

A number of years ago, I spoke at our National Conference, Rise Up. I challenged the participants to go back home and lead a CCO study, or do something that would evangelize young adults. One young man went back to his parish and started a men’s group that has attracted men from all over the city and continues today. The neat part is that he has passed on the leadership to another, so he has multiplied my efforts and his!

I am very grateful for the spiritual growth I’ve experienced in working for CCO. My intimacy with God has grown tremendously as a result experiences, prayer, retreats, conferences, mission work, and opportunities to minister to others.

Because we support our work by fundraising, I have grown in my trust of God’s providence. I remember thinking that fundraising was a near-impossible task, but almost 10 years after joining CCO I have experienced God’s generosity through others in an abundance beyond my expectation! We still have struggles, and it has taught our family to live simply and to be generous to others ourselves. I’ve also grown in my understanding of stewardship. God has given me talents that I am called to use to build the kingdom, and I am constantly refining and learning what that is. I also feel a great obligation and responsibility to those who support me with their treasure. I want to make sure that I do not squander the privilege of working in mission through their gifts.


We have 5 children under 8 years old. This has made family life very busy! I travel a lot and that can sometimes be hard on Vanessa. Please pray for strength and patience, and for an increase in sleep and rest!