Erica Gould

Campus Missionary, Dalhousie University
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I was raised in a Catholic Family. I have two older sisters (I’m the baby) and I also have four nephews and one niece. I always knew Jesus but it wasn’t until I made “my challenge” (a youth retreat), when I was fifteen, when I absolutely fell in love with Jesus. Throughout high school, I had the love for Jesus, but I always kept Him at arms-length. It was a “whenever I need you, I’ll talk to you” kind of relationship. I later went off to university and did not want to have the “Christian girl” role amidst my peers. So, I took on a lifestyle that didn’t exemplify that I was a Christian. I partied, almost never prayed, and only went to Mass when it was convenient.

I eventually felt really lost and like I was made for more – so, I prayed that things would change. Not too long after, I was approached by a CCO missionary and she encouraged me to come to a retreat, to take a faith study, and later challenged me to do a summer mission called Impact. During the Impact summer mission, I developed a missionary heart and I had a new-found zeal for souls. Since my that mission, there is nothing that gives me more joy than sharing Jesus with people.

I serve as a missionary on both Dalhousie University and St. Mary’s University campuses. Let me share a quick highlight of my experiences with the movement. As a student in my first year when I started to be involved with CCO, I invited a girl who was a neighbour of mine in residence (she is now my best friend) to a faith study with me. She was a Catholic, but wasn’t practicing at the time. As we did the faith studies together, went to events, and got involved with the Catholic community on campus, she later had a conversion and has been practicing since.

Faith studies are an important role in the ministry of CCO. I have personally witnessed people coming to a fresh understanding of the Gospel because it is presented to them clearly and simply. This clarification then leads them to conversion because they truly understand the true meaning of Jesus.

I have grown in many ways by relying on prayer, the abundance of God, and humility. In order to do my job as a missionary, I have to fully entrust God with all that I am.


Pray for the students that I will be ministering this year!

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