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Greta Arnal

Campus Missionary

Ryerson University

I grew up in a family that went to mass every Sunday and prayed together at bedtime. As I grew older, I became more involved at my parish and in its youth ministry program. I had a pretty good foundation in my faith and had many beautiful “God moments” at youth conferences and other events where it felt like He was so close. But as I neared the end of high school, and found that the weight of traumatic childhood experiences – sexual abuse among other things – was too difficult to bear, I was unable to keep myself out of the depths of despair and anger. The more I sank into these memories and their resulting mindsets, the farther I drifted from Christ and His Church without even really noticing.

It wasn’t until I hit a spiritual, emotional, and physical “rock bottom” a couple of months into my first year of university that I finally turned to the CCO missionaries and the Catholic community on campus that I had been avoiding since I had arrived. Seeing the joy of the people there made me desire that same joy for myself, so I decided to stick around. In January of that school year, I signed up to take Discovery, CCO’s introductory faith study, where I was invited to put Jesus at the centre of my life. Instantly, I was so filled with joy that I physically felt it within me. The “yes” I gave to that invitation – an invitation that Christ had always been extending to me – literally changed my life. I realized that God had never abandoned me, that He was politely and patiently waiting for me to say “yes” to him, and that He had marvelous plans for my life not only in spite of, but also because of my brokenness. I realized that Jesus actually wanted to carry the burden of that brokenness with me. Though my life since then has not all been “roses and daisies,” my relationship with God has grown immensely and I have found much healing and consolation in Christ and His Church.

I have known from the time that I took Discovery – now over 4 years ago – that God has wanted me for this work. I desire to, in humble cooperation with the Holy Spirit, bring many souls, many saints, to God. I have come to see that, through this work that He has in store for me with CCO and despite any challenges, I will bring Him great glory and joy, and that He will continue His sanctifying work in me. As a campus missionary. I am excited to proclaim the message of the Gospel clearly and simply to university students and invite them to respond to Christ’s invitation much like I did. I see so much brokenness and emptiness in the world, and I am ready to do everything that I can to bring people to the only One who can heal all of it – Jesus Christ – and the Church that He founded.


Please keep all CCO missionaries, students involved with CCO, and the students we have yet to reach in your prayers. Please pray for all those who are suffering and lonely, that they may find hope and friendship in Christ, and that people may reach out and love them genuinely.

Please also pray for my fiancé, Jose, and I and our continued growth and conversion towards the Lord – we will be married on June 12th, 2021, the feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Please also pray for the continued growth and conversion of our loved ones.

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