Henry Morales

Campus Leader, Simon Fraser University
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I’ve always lived in the Greater Toronto Area, having moved a couple of times around the city. My parents took me to Spanish Mass growing up (with me not knowing much Spanish as a child). I remember my childhood priest always being very passionate! At a certain point my family stopped going to Mass and it wasn’t until I was a pre-teen that I started exploring my faith again. I participated in youth groups where I encountered God but didn’t have a true understanding of who He was.

While in university, I lived on my own and had to ask myself if I wanted God in my life. I met CCO and gradually came to a deeper understanding of my faith. It was because of CCO, and their Rise Up Conference, that I finally gave my life entirely to Christ.

From that day on, I felt something in my heart calling me to staff. I put that call on the backburner and it took over a year (and God speaking to me through many people) before I answered the call to missionary life with CCO.

I will be participating in the VINE program as part of our newest expansion campus at the University of Winnipeg. I’m excited to experience a brand new culture and see things I’ve never seen before!

I would ask for you to pray for the youth I will be reaching at the University of Winnipeg and for my team members and I as we adjust to living in a new city.