My Story

At the age of 20, during a retreat in my parish, I had a profound encounter with Jesus, igniting within me a desire to serve Him after my studies. Since then, my spirituality has deepened and I’ve felt compelled to seek His guidance in all aspects of my life. Upon moving to Canada as an international student in September 2022, I remained steadfast in my faith journey. Jesus led me to join the Jesus Youth Movement, where I found fulfillment in serving Christ. Recently, through His word in the Bible, I sensed His calling for something more, and I diligently prepared for it. Now, having completed my studies in April 2024, I am humbled to embark on a new chapter as a missionary with CCO, knowing that it’s part of His divine plan for me.

My Mission

I serve in the Finance team at CCO Headquarters, where my mission is to support the spread of the Gospel through careful management of donations and accounts. This role is more than just a job to me; it’s a calling to serve Christ in every aspect of my life. As Matthew 6:21 says, “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” Handling finances for the ministry is a tangible way for me to contribute to the kingdom of Christ, bringing me immense joy and fulfillment. It matters because every dollar accounted for, every donation managed wisely, directly impacts the ability of the ministry to reach more souls and spread the message of hope and salvation. Being part of this mission fills me with gratitude and a sense of purpose beyond measure.

Help Jai Mary Make Jesus Known

While Catholic Christian Outreach seeks to honour the expressed preference of each gift, I acknowledge that my gift is a gift to the ministry of Catholic Christian Outreach and will be used by Catholic Christian Outreach in a manner that it believes will best advance its charitable purposes. If my preference changes, it is my responsibility to inform Catholic Christian Outreach.

CCO is a registered Canadian charity (#13782 4363 RR0001) and income tax receipts are issued in February of each year.

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