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Janlyn Rathgeber

Junior Accountant

Finance and Properties

I grew up in Saskatchewan with my parents and older sister. I also have a brother-in-law as we recently celebrated my sister’s marriage.

Even though I grew up in a Catholic family, it wasn’t until I had a powerful experience at WYD 2002 in Toronto that I really realized that Jesus loved me personally, and I could have a relationship with Him. After that I wanted to learn more about Jesus and for others to know God’s love for them too.

Having joined staff with CCO, I am serving at HQ in the Finance department. Of the highlights of my time on staff, I am always moved at Rise Up by seeing the long line up for confessions and clearly seeing how touched participants were by their experience of God’s love and mercy.

Being an office missionary gives us a unique way to encounter students and others who have been impacted by CCO. This can be through those who volunteer, or those who call in to the office with a question or donation. It is always encouraging to share with them and hear their hope and joy about the ministry.

My experiences in headquarters have helped me see the spiritual dimension of everyday tasks – to look at the simple things with eyes of faith, and to trust that they are bearing fruit. I am inspired by the hard-working and selfless nature of my fellow missionaries. It is also a blessing to be in a work environment where prayer is an integral part of the day. These things challenge and encourage me to grow in my faith.


Please pray that I may continue to grow in my role in the office, that I may serve generously, and for docility to the Holy Spirit.

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