Jarren Bato

Campus Missionary, University of British Columbia
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I come from a culturally Filipino family. My parents, Juan Ronnie and Jennifer, have been married for over 20 fruitful years. I have two younger siblings: a sister, Jana, and a brother, Jego. Yes, you read that right. We all have names that begin with the letter J. Like I said, culturally Filipino! With that, you could presume that my family has been traditionally Catholic for as long as I can remember – and it has been. Even when I was growing up in the Philippines, I can recall our Sunday morning treks up the nearby massive hill to our local parish. Truly, my Faith is a gift from God, given through my family’s sacrificial love for me.

In 2012, amid personal trials, I was invited to attend CCO Vancouver’s Fall Retreat. In truth, I submitted to the invitation as a way to escape my seemingly disastrous life at home, and pointless life at work. Still, God emptied my heart that weekend during adoration – and, for the first time ever, I experienced His Mercy fill me up with immense Joy. With the lyrics “…nothing compares to Your embrace…Light of the world, forever reign!” ringing in my ears, and manly tears narrowly dripping from the edges of my eyes, I remember kneeling at the altar with a candle in hand. With conviction, I asked God to guide me… and for the desire to be led. All He asked, and still asks to this day, is my ‘yes!’ And with every ‘yes,’ God opens a door. One such door has led me to become a missionary! Though I may continue to fail Him in sin every day, His faithfulness overcomes and always sees me through.

I am blessed to say that I am a Campus Missionary at the University of British Columbia! With the guidance of the Holy Spirit, I hope to fill a need in my team and on campus as a disciple and evangelist of God! For me, it’s all about being a witness. Especially when what I witness is God transforming others, and others responding to His call with zeal! I can think of dozens of glory stories! If you send me your email, I would gladly share them with you through newsletters!

From my point of view, having such a healthy archdiocese that promotes youth and young adult ministry, plus CCO putting together events like Summit and Faith Studies, has had, and continues to have, quite the positive effect on young people in my circle! Music, fellowship, and the opportunity for Confession has given students and young professionals alike, the room to grow in faith and discern their vocations.

God has made me aware of the cries of those around me. By being on staff, I have learned to respond to God’s missionary call more adequately. By doing this work, I become more equipped to “go and make disciples of all nations!” (Matthew 28:19)


Please pray for the young people of Canada, particularly for those at UBC, that they may be open to hearing God’s call for them.

Also, I ask that you please pray for CCO’s ongoing ministry, that those unfamiliar with the movement may see and support its endeavours!

Thank YOU!

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