Jeff Lockert

President, Executive Team
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Renée and I were married in 1997 and have six active kids ranging from teenagers to toddlers. We are originally from Saskatchewan and still have most of our extended family living in the “land of the living skies”.

When I left home and went to university in Saskatoon, CCO played an important role in my faith. I met CCO Founder, André Regnier, and many other attractive, enthusiastic young people that had something different about them. I came to understand that the difference was their relationship with Jesus – having him at the center of their lives. Half-way through my first year of studies, I was brought to a point where I wanted to know if God was real. So I prayed a simple prayer, “Lord, if you are real, prove it, reveal yourself to me.” While at that moment there were no earthquakes or fireworks, in the days and weeks that followed God answered my prayer. I came to know and experience Jesus in a deep and personal way. Since that moment of commitment, I have sought to live my life centered on Jesus and committed in faith.

I am the CCO President. In 2001, the previous CCO President stepped down. I was asked by the Board of Directors to be the interim Executive Director, and after six months of prayerful consideration the Board asked me to permanently fill the role of CCO President.

My role takes me to places beyond Canada as CCO has a number of partnerships with international organizations. I am always amazed to see how God is working in the lives of people in a very powerful and yet similar way. Whether at a World Youth Day, with students in Africa, or at a leaders meeting in Europe, when young people are seeking God, they are encountering him in a very personal way. The greatest highlights of my missionary service always involve individuals. Listening to a student give a testimony of how their life has been changed forever by Christ, and then seeing this impact their decisions about career, family, service, etc. is truly inspiring.

In working with international Catholic leaders, I have been blessed to see how many of the resources, that CCO has developed out of a need for effective tools on campus, have been deeply appreciated and utilized by many others. CCO Faith study materials, the Ultimate Relationship Booklet, and others, have been requested all over the world and used in other youth, parish, outreach, etc. settings. Leaders have expressed their appreciation for these materials and have helped to get them translated into numerous languages. In this way, CCO’s campus mission has overflowed into providing a blessing outside itself.

On staff, I have personally grown in many ways. My faith has been strengthened tremendously. I have seen God provide for our family’s needs. I have seen God work in the hearts of people whom others had thought were hopeless. I have learned to pray and rely upon the Lord much more. I have also grown significantly as a leader, both in practical skills and expertise, but also through the experience of growing an organization. I have also been blessed significantly in the numerous friendships and connections with people – literally thousands – that I have made throughout Canada and the world.


Leadership is both a privilege and a responsibility. I appreciate the prayers of others for me, and our missionary family, as we endeavor to follow God’s call in our lives. Please pray for wisdom and humility in leadership and decision making for the movement, for our family, and for those we serve.