Jeremy Eckert

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I am married to my wife, Kirsten. I was born and raised in Ottawa, Ontario, in a family of 5 along with my mom, dad, younger brother, and younger sister.

I had a conversion moment in my faith in the summer of 2011. I felt I had reached a dead end after years of searching for satisfaction and fulfillment in the world. The summer after my first year of college, I was invited to take a Discovery faith study at my parish during the Impact Ottawa mission. I learned things about the Catholic faith that I never knew before, and it was so simple and clear to me. That summer changed my life! I now knew that there were some awesome university students who were really living out their Catholic faith, and I was very curious about how they could do it. I received the Sacrament of Reconciliation for the first time in 10 years and it was an amazing experience of God’s love for me. Since then, I have participated in an Impact Mission, joined staff, and have been giving my gifts to God in many different ministries. CCO brought me back to the faith and set it on fire!

I work at our National Headquarters in Ottawa, Ontario, in the Finance department. Here, I have the opportunity to steward the funds of the movement, and set up our missionaries for success.

Seeing a student’s life transform is the most rewarding thing. Walking in the footsteps of Jesus’ disciples, and learning to live a life of abandonment to God’s will and providence, is a humbling yet challenging experience. It allows me to grow deeper in my faith and become more amazed at the kinds of things Jesus will do each day in our lives and in others if we are simply open to him. I enjoy challenging men to be stronger men, and to be more real in their faith, giving them the tools and confidence to be leaders in their faith for their future families, vocations, and careers.

Leading faith studies has always yielded some amazing fruit in the students I have ministered to, in fellow parishioners, and in family. The common responses I hear are, “My faith makes much more sense now! ” or “Why have I never heard this message before in church?” I have such a privilege to see their faces light up when something finally clicks for them, and to see their lives begin to transform.

Being on staff has allowed me to trust in God and his plan. By doing his will, I know my life is in his hands. It is amazing to see just how God provides! I have also gained a heart for the world and a strong motivation to actively give young adults the opportunity to invite Jesus to be at the center of their lives.


Please pray for me, my wife, and for our family. Also pray for university students, that they would be open to encountering God’s personal love for them in their lives.

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