My Story

My name is Joel, and I am happily married to my beautiful wife, Elizabeth, and we have two kids, Abigail (4) and Hannah (2). My parents are André and Angèle Regnier, the founders of Catholic Christian Outreach, so I guess you could say I am carrying on the family business.

My faith really became my own when I went on a retreat in middle school and had a powerful experience of Jesus’ love and presence in my life. That weekend, I made a decision to follow the Lord with my whole life. Since then I have continued to grow in my personal relationship with Jesus and a deep desire for others to encounter the Lord in their lives.

My Mission

I’m the Team Leader at Concordia University, where I have the incredible privilege of leading a dynamic team of three passionate missionaries. Together, we are on a mission to seek out students who have strayed from the church or who have never set foot in a church before. What truly fuels my joy is witnessing the transformative power of encountering Jesus in their lives as their hearts open up to His love. But what truly sets my soul on fire is witnessing these young men embrace their calling, as they join me and fearlessly reach out to their peers with the Gospel. I am in the business of raising up world changers.

Ongoing Prayer Requests

Pray for all the people I will encounter, that they will come to know Jesus in a personal way!

Help Joel Make Jesus Known

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