John Brundage

Campus Missionary, Mount Royal University
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I grew up in Dexter, Michigan, in a loving Catholic family. I have an older sister and a younger brother. Though I had good parents and a happy childhood, I struggled with my faith as I got older. In 8th grade, I sat my parents down and told them, “I’m not Catholic anymore, you failed.”

Despite leaving my faith, I continued to be drawn to the idea of God. I studied philosophy at Wayne State University, and began visiting the Catholic chaplaincy there, which was run by a community of priests called the Companions of the Cross. Though I could not see how faith in God could be rational, the genuine love I received from students and chaplains, committed to sharing the love of Jesus, spoke to my heart in a way that bypassed my intellectual hang ups. I began to give God the benefit of the doubt. On a retreat, I had an encounter with Jesus in prayer where I realized, and was transformed by seeing, that Jesus understood me and had suffered, not just for me, but with me. After this experience, there was no turning back. I dedicated my life to experiencing and sharing this love.

I am currently serving as a campus missionary at Mount Royal University in Calgary. What is amazing about being a CCO missionary is that nearly every day on campus something happens which would be the highlight of the week, month, or even year for someone who isn’t called to do full time ministry. The biggest highlight is getting to see God work in real time while sharing Jesus with students. There is nothing more satisfying and exciting than seeing the light bulb go off in student’s eyes.

It has been a privilege to see CCO at MRU grow, not just in the quantity of students, but also in their quality and commitment. This past semester, an awesome community took shape and this year I can’t wait to see this blossom into an evangelistic movement.

Ever since I returned to my faith, I have had a passion for sharing it with others. But, in university, I did not have the skills and knowledge to do this consistently or effectively. CCO did not just give me a set of high ideals and good intentions. In my training, I was equipped to put my high ideals and good intentions into concrete action.


Please pray that I would be faithful to my work as a missionary, and that our ministry at Mount Royal would flourish.

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