Jonathan Hilsden

Team Member, Communications
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I am the third of four boys, which of course makes my mother a saint. My parents moved to the Holy Land a year before I was born and they remain there today. Having grown up there was an incredible experience.

I was raised with the wonderful experience of knowing Christ. My Dad, being an evangelical Christian Pastor, and of course my Mom, showed me what it means to have a personal relationship with Christ, and to get to know God through the scriptures. 5 years ago I began to discover the truth and beauty of the Catholic Church. I am so grateful for having become Catholic 3 years ago and deepening my relationship with Our Lord through His Church, and I have a strong desire to introduce others to this wonderful experience.

Having joined CCO staff, I am the Social Media/Multimedia Coordinator. I love what I get to do everyday at CCO, so it’s pretty hard to pinpoint a highlight. If I had to choose, I would say that I loved being on the media team at Rise Up in Calgary. I was able to use video to capture highlights of the great event on a daily basis. I also loved editing the testimony videos – so encouraging!

One of the great challenges in student ministry is engaging young men. Many of them do not naturally gravitate towards meeting together and discussing their faith. I had the pleasure of being able to produce a video featuring a young man who has been an overachiever throughout his life, yet realized that he still lacked the meaning and purpose in life that only God could provide. I believe that this video affected many young men’s hearts and opened them up to give God a chance.

I have just completed my first year as a CCO missionary, and all I can say is that my heart to evangelize has continued to grow. I have no greater desire than to see students transformed by the gospel message. I pray that this desire continues to grow so that I would do my work with fullness of heart.


Please pray that my heart will continue to grow for the students we reach, and that God would provide for my temporal needs.

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