Joseph Murphy

Team Member, Stewardship and Development
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I grew up in Trenton, Ontario with two loving parents and two younger brothers. Since we were all close in age, I was very close with my brothers growing up. While we live in different cities now, we make the most of it when our family gets together.

I was raised in a home where going to Church on Sunday was a normal occurrence. Our family was active in our parish community by participating in various ministries and organizations. While my brothers and I were taught that Jesus loved us, we never prayed or read the Bible. In my eyes, I had to earn my way to Heaven by performing works of service and building a “spiritual resume”. I knew Jesus loved me, but I never felt like he was an actual person. Following the ways of the Church became increasingly difficult for me when I entered high school, where I began to live the double-life many Catholic young people seem to do. While I attended Mass on Sunday, and stayed active in the parish, I was also attached to the partying scene and other sinful habits.

When I went to university, someone shared with me the core message of our faith: that we are called to be in a personal relationship with Christ. I was utterly shocked. How was it that I had been Catholic all these years and never known this? The idea that my salvation had already been won on the cross, regardless of anything I was ever going to do, was mind-blowing. I definitely had the desire to know Christ on a personal level, but I was not emotionally mature enough to give my life to him. I was afraid of losing the things in my life I thought were bringing me happiness. Almost a year later, while before the Lord in Eucharistic Adoration, I heard a voice say “It is time”. I let down the walls of my heart, and opened the door to Christ. I made an adult decision to invite Christ into the centre of my life, accepting him as my Lord and Saviour.

My life has never been the same. I have experienced the love of God in such a personal way that I feel as though He is my most trusted friend. This has led to much joy in my life. I have seen God working in every aspect of my life, helping me grow and become the best version of myself!

Having joined staff with CCO, I serve the movement from its headquarters in Ottawa as one of the coordinators in our Stewardship & Development Department. I am responsible for managing our financial appeals and supporter appreciation activities. I also support our “missionary support raising program” by helping our staff develop the skills to be successful Support Raisers.

It has been an honour to be part of our “Fully Funded” initiative, helping move CCO towards an abundance mentality, and helping our staff believe in God’s divine providence. It brings me great joy to help our missionaries grow in their support raising so that our campus ministry can thrive and more students can come to know the Lord!

I have seen so many students come to know Christ personally in my time as a student on a CCO campus. Now, working from HQ, I get to hear glory stories from across Canada, from Victoria to St. John’s and everywhere in between.

During my time on staff, I have learned so much about working with different types of people, how to motivate others, and that being a good leader means being willing to serve others while loving them where they are at.


Please pray for my continued discernment with the movement and for God’s will to be done in my life.