Joseph San Jose

Regional Manager - Pacific, Campus Programming
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I returned home to the Catholic Church in 2009 after a powerful experience of recognizing the Real Presence of Jesus Christ in the Eucharist at a LifeTEEN Retreat. I came to believe that Jesus was real, that He was really God, and that He loved me in a way that nobody else could.

Encountering CCO a few years later helped me deepen my relationship with Jesus Christ. I was also introduced to His Mission to bring the same love that I experienced to those who do not know Him, or do not know Him well enough.

I am the Team Leader at Simon Fraser University. In collaboration with a team of missionaries, we are tasked with the mission of cultivating and growing a dynamic missionary community at the Burnaby Mountain Campus of over a hundred young university students.

We are passionate about nurturing a deeply engaging and thriving faith community at SFU. We are always striving to make CCO at SFU a community where anyone can belong, whether they are Catholic or not, whether they were born in Canada or elsewhere. Wherever students are from and whatever they believe, it’s very easy for any student to make a friend within CCO.

We are also committed to creating a space for authentic faith engagement. We walk a delicate balance between staying true to the clear and simple Gospel message, seeking to challenge all of our students to the fullness of the Catholic faith, while still fostering an atmosphere of dialogue and listening with those who may share different beliefs.

Some of my favourite moments in ministry with CCO is leading a mission to Mexico City and collaborating with local Catholic Mexican university students at Politechnico, a campus of over 170,000 students. We had a joyful and powerful time together, and were able to mutually inspire each other to continue the mission of bringing the love of Christ to the whole world.


For my family, for my campus, and for the poorest of the poor.