My Story

I’m married to a man who challenges me to greatness and continues to model to me the Father’s mercy. Jeremy and I live life as an epic adventure and bring our 2 kids Dominic and Anastasia with us. Anastasia is our Adventure Princess and Dominic is a warrior in training. They allow us to live life at a deeper capacity, causing our hearts to grow in love.

I was young, free, and at the top of my game in university. I had growing goals and aspirations for success, money, and adventure! By 20, I landed a job with one of the biggest oil and gas companies in North America. Despite my best goals, the void for “more out of life” was lingering. At 21, the void was destroyed when I encountered Jesus through a weekend retreat. I put Jesus first in my life and, since then, He and I have been on an amazing adventure. He’s taught me to dream big, and shown me I’ve been created with a mission to impact the world. With a life like that, what’s not to love?

CCO headquarters has been the landing pad that’s helped refine my mission. I’ve been working with the movement for over 13 years. Currently, I’m with Stewardship & Development growing our missionaries to be all they can be by being fully funded.

Working on CCO staff has been one huge highlight, but if I had to pick a couple of specific moments in my time here it’s been serving on CCO’s domestic mission project- Impact Calgary! I loved the intensity of mission, seeing God work powerfully in the lives of all the mission participants, discipling 7 women in leadership, evangelization, and holiness, and the training and formation element the mission provides to these young leaders! I love forming and discipling people!

CCO calls people to greatness. The specific training and active outreach of bringing people into a relationship with Jesus is life-changing and invigorating. Witnessing the young people catch this, engage in it, breathes hope for the future. A new generation of builders is being built and they aren’t afraid. This highlight never gets old!

Working for CCO is like being in a greenhouse for growth! Both Jeremy & I have grown spiritually, and in leadership, through the example and coaching of those who have mentored us and the resources they’ve shared with us. In CCO, we are surrounded by great people both in leadership and spirituality. They’ve taught me the importance of great discernment, interdependence, perseverance, true team work, working through others “giftedness”, and challenging me to become all that God has created me to be.


  • For CCO missionaries to grow into all that God desires them to be.
  • For students, that they encounter Jesus and become catalysts for the Gospel.
  • For our supporters, they are filled with hope for the future.
  • For our family, we can always be abandoned to our will and be open to the awesome adventure of God’s will.

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