My Story

I’ve been Catholic all my life, and only encountered Jesus while I was on a CCO mission in Scotland! For as long as I can remember, I’ve been serving in ministries with my Parish, to attain a sense of community and belonging- however, this limited me in some capacity, as I knew all about Jesus, but didn’t know Him personally. While on the Scotland mission, I realized that all of my mission team were so free and joyful, they were so convicted of the Lord’s love for them, but I was missing that- having the idea that I should do things so the Lord could love me. While praying in front of the Tabernacle, He revealed Himself to me- saying that He loved me and desired my “yes” to Him- to open the door of my heart and let Him in. As a girl who has been trying all her life to get the Lord to love her more, she missed the simplest thing- just saying yes to Him alone.

My Mission

Even though I did not come from a CCO campus, I’ve partaken in their conferences, missions and faith studies. It is SO wonderful how CCO changes lives, as it has changed my life and countless others. I am so excited to be working as a campus missionary at Trent University- I cannot WAIT to meet new students and introduce them to Jesus. My greatest desire is for the renewal of the world, that every person will encounter Christ in a powerful way and live their lives for Him. With this job, I will be working towards this dream, as it enables me to share Jesus and teach others how to share Jesus. With this job, I get to work for the universal Church and Her call to the New Evangelization, building the kingdom here on earth as it is in Heaven.

Help Kenisha Make Jesus Known

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