My Story

I was born and raised in Colombia, and when I was 12 years old my parents decided to move to Canada. I grew up in a very loving and supportive family. I was also raised Catholic and my family practiced our faith by going to Mass on Sundays and going to confession. My mom was a great influence on my faith since she went to daily Mass and attended different events at our parish. I see that now one of the best gifts she gave me was to bring me to the prayer and rosary groups she would attend.

Growing up my faith was not as important to me. I saw Sunday mass as an obligation and not a blessing or a privilege. I would only go because my parents told me I had to, and I had no real knowledge of what my faith was all about. When I moved to Canada, one thing I struggled with after learning English was that I had no friends. I eventually found good friends at Church, and through them and worship music God started to pull me deeper into our Catholic faith. I started to learn more about Him, about who He was and was shown how immensely loved I am by my Father in Heaven.

I remember constantly being told that God loved me, and I heard it so much and so often that they started to just be words. I was never told that God knew me, loved me personally and intimately. But one day God in my heart said, “I love you, you are my daughter, and I am always here for you”. That day everything changed, and I embarked on a journey of healing past wounds and unfolding the lies that I believed or where I put my worth as a person. This journey with Christ also gave me the grace to constantly want to say YES to whatever He asked of me. I surrendered to His plan and since then I have gotten closer to Him, having a more intimate relationship, and accepting all the graces He pours in my life. I have seen throughout the years how He has guided me and prepared me for ministry with CCO.

This coming January, I will be starting as a Head Start Missionary with CCO. It is very exciting to think about everything the Lord has already planned, all the conversions and miracles that will happen. Last summer I had the privilege to be part of Mission True North in Toronto, and I saw so many wounded hearts being loved and healed by Jesus. When one experiences this there is no going back; Jesus has touched their hearts and they will never be the same. I always think about those who we had the chance to encounter and see no coincidence—God sent us to have that conversion, to pray for that specific person because He knows it all. He knew they what they needed but most of all He wanted to invite them into a personal and intimate relationship with Him. One of the things I took from that mission is that God has no limits as to what He will do to go look for someone He loves and desires to have a relationship with.

Ongoing Prayer Requests

Please pray for every student we will encounter, that their hearts may be opened to what Jesus wants them to experience and be able to enter into a loving and intimate relationship with Him

Pray that I may continually seek to follow God’s will for my life and my ministry and that His will becomes mine and my dreams.

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