Laura Mark

Campus Missionary, Dalhousie University
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I was born in Prince Edward Island as part of a loving family of four. I went to church on Sundays with my family, and to Catholic events with my friends, but my faith was never my own.

At a Steubenville conference, I heard a speaker say that Jesus saw my face when he was on the cross. I didn’t understand why God would care about someone unimportant like me. During adoration shortly afterwords, I had an experience where I heard God’s voice saying, “I love you, no matter what”. I had never felt this immense, powerful, and overwhelming sense of love and in that moment I said yes to Jesus’ love.

I first experienced CCO on the World Youth Day mission to Poland where I realized that CCO’s core values were also my core values. I came to know Christ by people investing in me, and this mirrored the missionary heart of the movement. And I truly believe universities are where we can leave the biggest impact!

I will be joining the team at Saint Mary’s University in Halifax, this year as a campus missionary. I’m super excited to go out and meet the students that have fallen away from their faith and bring them back to the fullness of our faith.


Please pray for the students I will be reaching out to this year and for the success of my support raising this summer.