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Laura Mark

Team Leader

Saint Marys University

I was born on Prince Edward Island and while I went to church on Sundays with my family, and to Catholic events with my friends, my faith was never my own. It was something I did not a relationship with a personal God.

At a Steubenville conference, I heard a speaker say Jesus saw my face when he was on the cross. I didn’t understand why God would care about someone unimportant like me, but the phrase stuck with me all day. That evening, during adoration, I had an experience where I heard God’s voice saying, “I love you, no matter what”. I had never felt this immense, powerful, and overwhelming sense of peace and at that moment I said yes to the love Jesus was offering.

I first experienced CCO on the World Youth Day mission to Poland in 2016 where I realized that CCO’s core values were also my core values. I came to know Christ by people continually inviting me, and this mirrored the missionary heart of the movement. And I truly believe universities are where we can leave the biggest impact!

I will be serving as the team leader at Saint Mary’s University! I am so excited to be a part of the renewal of the east coast.


Please pray for the students at SMU that they encounter Jesus in a real and personal way this year. And please pray for me that I continue to follow the Lord with my whole heart.

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