Liseth Miranda

Campus Missionary, University of Victoria
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I was born and raised in El Salvador. Growing up I didn’t go to church and it didn’t really matter to me because I didn’t understand anything about God. In my teen years, a high school friend invited me to go on a retreat and I went because I was curious, not because I wanted to know about God. But how wonderful are the paths of the Lord that in that retreat I had my first encounter with our Lord Jesus Christ. In that encounter, Jesus filled me with an indescribable joy that only comes from Him. Jesus opened my eyes and everything became so real to me. From that moment I knew He was real—moreover, that He is alive!

Shortly after that experience I entered University. I wanted to experience life and pleasures and all of a sudden my life was focused inward: my career, my dreams, my job, my friends, etc. When I finished University, I realized that my heart was empty and started to wonder what life was all about. What was real? What was worthwhile? What was true? What was my purpose in life? All these questions were revolving in my head.

Through the leading of the Holy Spirit, even though I didn’t know Him, I came to Canada. At the English school, I met a lady who invited me to join a faith study group to learn about Jesus. I said to myself, “What can I lose?” Over that year, taking one hour each week to listen about Jesus stirred up my hunger for Him. How amazing is the Lord! That hunger grew more and more and more. So much so that what I learned in that group and every week at mass wasn’t enough. I always needed more and more until the Lord baptized me with His Holy Spirit, and all the questions I had about life were satisfied by His Spirit.

Since then, living life led by the Spirit of God has been an amazing journey. Words are not enough to describe it. Jesus has won my heart, and my life has been completely changed. It’s so amazing I can’t keep it just for me. Along this journey I met a wonderful missionary from CCO who encouraged me to share this gift with others and helped me to come forward and speak to people about Jesus.

As a CCO missionary I get to speak to my brothers and sisters on campus about Jesus, to tell them how remarkable He is, how gracious and knowable He is. They need to hear about Him, how personal and approachable He is. Jesus loves them so much!


Pray for the students at the Universities that don’t know Christ yet. The Lord is calling them to Him.
Pray for the CCO missionaries that they can speak boldly about Jesus Christ.
And pray for me, “that utterance may be given unto me, that I may open my mouth boldly, to make known the mystery of the gospel.” [Ephesians 6:19]

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