Liz Guiney

Human Resources Intern, Human Resources
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I grew up in a Catholic household, attending mass every Sunday with my parents and younger brother. Even though I attended weekly I did not feel like I knew Jesus, He was just someone I talked to once a week at mass. Faith was just something that was a part of my life, but it wasn’t personal.

This all changed in my third year of post-secondary in Kingston, where I met with a CCO Missionary who invited me to take the faith study, “Discovery” with her. In this study I learned what it meant to have a personal relationship with Jesus and at the end, I was invited to put Jesus in the center of my life, which I then did. After this, I was still concerned about what others would think of me if I shared my faith too openly. I didn’t want others to look at me differently and I continued to feel torn between two worlds.

It was not until CCO’s annual Rise Up Conference where I truly made this commitment to Jesus. With this commitment, I felt a sense of freedom. Freedom to be myself, let others see who I was and the relationship that I have with God. In the time since placing Jesus at the center of my life, I’m not only comfortable sharing about my faith but, I seek out these conversations. Since this moment in time I have found an overwhelming sense of joy and meaning in life. God calls us to be missionary and last year I had the opportunity to do so in Harlem, New York- an experience that lit my heart on fire for sharing the gospel with others.

This experience opened my heart to respond to another call- working with CCO in the Human Resources department. I am so excited for this next adventure, where I am able to help take care of the missionaries within CCO, so more students can be reached and encounter the Lord!


Please pray for all the students that CCO serves and for all of the missionaries within CCO.