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Lorne Stang

Team Leader

Carleton University

My Story

I married my wife Carolline in July 2005. We have 4 kids, Talitha born in 2009, Xavier in 2011, Zach in 2014, and Myriam in 2015. Originally, I am from a family of 16 kids!

I encountered Christ personally through the ministry of CCO at the University of Saskatchewan in 2004. One of my university friends was an active student in CCO. He lead me through the Discovery faith study and encourage me to participate in an IMPACT Canada mission. Through this study and the mission, Jesus was proclaim in a clear and simple way. It was the first time I was ever invited to respond personally to what Christ had done for me. Inviting Christ to be at the centre of my life changed everything!

I am the Campus Team Leader in Halifax at St. Mary’s University.

The highlight of being a CCO missionary is seeing students lives changed by coming into relationship with Christ. One particular student was quite far from his faith when I first met him. Through his involvement in the Discovery faith study, retreats, and the community, he opened his life to Christ. Instantly, you could see a change in his demeanour. He spent time studying with the Jesuits for at least 4 years!

It’s amazing to see students come to Summits (a CCO event) and experience Eucharistic Adoration for the first time. Time and time again, we see how the Eucharistic presence of Jesus has the power to change lives… just like it changed mine!

Being on staff has constantly challenged me to be the best version of myself. We are always encouraged to pray daily and receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation on a monthly basis. We are challenged to lead ourselves and others with excellence.


That our students would feel cared for and loved, but at the same time feel challenged to be the salt of the earth.

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