Lourenz Salvador

Campus Missionary, Memorial University
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Being raised in a Filipino household, it was very common to go to mass every Sunday and pray the rosary growing up. Though, I never truly understood what went on during mass and found it pointless reciting the same prayers over and over. For majority of my life, this was what the faith consisted of to me. It wasn’t until first year university that I decided to join a youth group. There, I saw a small glimpse of the goodness and love of the Father and knew that there was something more to faith than what I conceived. I decided to pursue growth in faith and make it my own. However, it was in third year university that I met CCO and went to confession for the first time in 7 years. I was able to fully encounter Jesus and put Him in the centre of my life.



Please keep my family and friends, my team, and all of our CCO family in your prayers. As well as all the students we will reach and for lives to be changed!