Lydia Brownrigg

Team Member, Communications
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I grew up in a practicing Catholic family, but I quickly fell away from my faith as a teenager. The God I thought I knew was small, impersonal and distant, and I was convinced that He would ruin my life. This changed when I encountered Him while singing at a Catholic wedding. I watched the bridegroom and his bride praising the Lord together, thanking Him for everything He had done in their lives to bring them to each other and to this moment. Their peace, joy and love directed at someone I didn’t know was overwhelming and, in that moment, I told the Lord I would follow him anywhere if it meant receiving the same freedom they had.

And the Lord keeps His promises! He has not ruined my life; in fact, He has restored it beyond my wildest dreams and now I want everyone to know the fullness of life in Christ. The new spiritual battleground is social media; university students are literally constantly plugged in to their devices, searching for meaningful interaction but finding only emptiness. My hope as the new Social Media Coordinator is that we are able to reach the lost using these platforms and that they encounter true freedom, just like I have.


For continued abandonment and great expectations for the Lord’s plan for the future.

For more love, patience and wisdom.

For all those who encounter CCO’s social media content, that it turns their eyes toward the Lord.