Lydia Brownrigg

Marketing Coordinator, Marketing Team
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I grew up in a practicing Catholic family, but I quickly fell away from my faith as a teenager. The God I thought I knew was small, impersonal and distant, and I was convinced that He would ruin my life. My resolve evaporated when I sang at a Catholic wedding mass and heard God call my name, inviting me to know Him. Suddenly, the empty lyrics turned into the cry of my heart—could a stranger really satisfy this ache? The short answer is yes, and then some. Thanks be to God.

He has restored my life and heart beyond my wildest dreams and now I want everyone to know the fullness of life in Christ. Beyond what brings me joy, I am building the Kingdom in my field of study. It’s no secret that the world has gone digital and that we are bombarded with messages day-in and day-out. By the grace of God, my work breaks through the barrage of information with the Gospel. Whether it’s on social media, through branding and promotional decisions, or graphic design, I lend Him my hands to create in the image of Truth, Beauty, and Goodness to proclaim the Gospel.


That He become greater, and I become less.

For the conversion of my loved ones.