Maria Fox

Campus Missionary, Concordia University
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I come from a family of six, and am the third of four girls. Even though I grew up in a faithful Catholic family, I did not really believe that the faith could be life-giving in a university setting.

I met CCO in late high school, and was intrigued by the generosity, zeal, and attractiveness of so many young adults who professed faith in Jesus Christ. This planted a seed of faith in my heart. However, as I began university – while grappling with insecurities, fears, and doubts about my own identity and how being Catholic would affect my relationships with others – I shut the door of my heart to Jesus. A sense of loss, that I tried to fill with self-destructive behavior, grew.

However, because I was attracted to the CCO movement, I stayed involved and was both simply and clearly invited by a missionary to face my growing interior emptiness. She encouraged me to make a decision for or against the faith. Floored by the challenge and personal witness of the staff member who presented it, I attended CCO’s Rise up Christmas conference. Through adoration and confession, I experienced and chose the truth, love, peace, and conviction of a God who loves me and gives me the life-giving opportunity to share Him.

Since then, I’ve been continually challenged to grow in and through the witness of the deep faith of many, especially students and staff that I have encountered across Canada. Over the last two years I have been living at St. Therese, a Catholic community formation school in Bruno, Saskatchewan. There, I have learned to place my identity in him. In short, He loves me, forgives me, and liberates all of me! I want every person to have the freedom to choose this, as well as to know the life-transforming gift of relationship that God gives.

Since that time, I have joined CCO staff. Currently, I am a campus missionary at Concordia University in Montréal. To be sent to work where my full-time job is to share the Gospel is a magnificent opportunity. I am very excited to be going to Montréal for its second year of partnership with CCO. As the university is extremely multi-cultural, I will have the blessing of journeying one-on-one with the future leaders of many countries, and in a certain sense, accessing the whole world!

One highlight of CCO for me is the adoration event called Summit. It is a night of intense encounter with Jesus. I have personally witnessed people undergo and express moments of conversion within one evening. Following the time of worship, many are strengthened in faith due to this sharing. The intense joy of people praising Christ together is an incredible witness and brings people to the freedom of faith in Him.

By being on staff, I have been enlivened by the joy of the CCO community and the infectious missionary fervor that the movement exudes. As I continue my work with this movement, I have found much opportunity for a deepening of trust in God’s providence. He knows all of the names and needs of people I have yet to meet, and provides for them in abundance.


For conversion and boldness of faith for all, especially on university campuses across Canada and the world!

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