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Mariel Conti

Human Resources Assistant

Human Resources

I grew up in a family of four, with my parents Oscar and Mila and my older brother Carlo. For half of my life, I lived in the Philippines. I was blessed to have my family, as well as the culture of the country to be very Catholic. On top of that, I received a Catholic education from a young age, going to Sacred Heart School which was led by nuns. At the age of 12, my family and I migrated to Vancouver. It was then that I really saw the rest of “society” outside my Catholic circles, especially since I attended public middle school and high school.

My parents knew the value of education starting at home. Although faith was not practiced in my schools in Vancouver, my parents lived the example of how to be missionary disciples. On top of never missing a Sunday mass, they were both very active in the CFC FFL community (Couples for Christ Foundation for Family and LIfe) and attended events weekly. They also exposed me to community life at a young age by making me a member of CFC FFL’s first Vancouver youth group (YFL). It was in YFL that I experienced the vibrancy of the faith through the charisms of the Holy Spirit. The community’s culture involved regular praise and worship and family gatherings being a family ministry. At a young age, through this community, I also understood what it meant to trust in God by stepping out of my comfort zone. I truly believe that Jesus transformed me in this youth ministry from being an extremely shy kid to becoming the YFL Vancouver’s Chapter Servant for 3 years.

I met CCO in my 2nd year at Simon Fraser University (SFU). Although I was still serving as the Chapter Servant in YFL, it was a point in my life where I hit a roadblock in my faith. While I took an Introduction to Religion course, I signed up for my first CCO faith study on campus. With the original intent to understand other world religions, I decided to take this intro class; unfortunately, it happened to have a very biased atheistic perspective. It was a truly providential that I happened to be in a faith study with CCO for it was through it that my faith was saved.

Over the years in university, CCO really did became a place where I belonged on campus. It was where I actually understood what it meant to have a personal relationship with Christ, a place where my faith was deepened. Through CCO, God called me to a deeper surrender: first going on a 10-day CCO mission in Mexico City, then a 4-month mission in Hong Kong with St. Francis Xavier Lay Missionary Society, to now becoming a full-time missionary!

Graduating with a Bachelor of Business Administration Degree in Human Resources, I am very excited to be part of CCO’s HR team in Ottawa. I look forward to contributing to the vision by making headquarters the farmhouse where harvesters can rest, be revitalized, and go out to the vineyard recharged and ready to bear fruit from the harvest.


I ask that you pray for my family, friends and loved ones in Vancouver that they may encounter Christ every day. As well, for the university students across Canada that they may put Jesus at the centre of their lives.

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