Mary Serafini

Campus Missionary, University of Calgary
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I grew up in a big Catholic family. My parents, Andrew and Karen, modeled the faith for us and were my first examples of God’s unconditional love. When I went to high school, I became increasingly involved in competitive sports and was determined to be a top student. As my ambition grew, I started to lose interest in practicing the faith with my family. I found myself questioning the beliefs I had grown up with.

I became involved with Catholic Christian Outreach (CCO) at Mount Royal University during my first year of studies. In February 2017, at a CCO prayer event called “The Summit,” things started changing in my relationship with God. It was a Friday night in a snowstorm, and I arrived at St. James Church in Calgary expecting it to be empty. When I got into the church, I was amazed to see that there were dozens of university students there, all spending their Friday night worshiping God in prayer and adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. They were joyful, welcoming, and radiated a presence that was contagious. After that, I started to hang out more with CCO students. I began to realize that what made them “different” was the dynamic, personal relationship with Jesus Christ that each of them had.

Months later, through the prayers and encouragement of CCO missionaries, I made the decision to invite Jesus to be at the center of my life. Before that, I had been afraid of trusting Him with my future plans and worried that He would make my life boring or unfulfilled if I went “all in” on Him. My life since then has been anything BUT boring! God has blessed me with incredible opportunities, life-giving relationships, and the confidence to take risks, knowing that the Lion of Judah is on my side.

I desire every person to experience an intimate relationship with Jesus and the fullness of our Catholic faith. It is my privilege, then, that Christ has called me to help in His work of accomplishing it. In my role as a campus missionary at the University of Calgary, I will be reaching out to students, sharing the Gospel with them, and inviting them to make the life-changing decision to place Jesus at the center of their lives. I am filled with anticipation at the miracles we will see!


For the boldness of the first apostles in my missionary work.

For the students at the University of Calgary, that they may “come to life” (Ezekiel 37:6) through the Gospel.