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Matthew Skalik

Campus Head Start Missionary

Campus Programming

I grew up in a faithful family where Jesus and the Church always was a part of my life, but it took me until after high school to realize God’s personal love for me. This occurred in May 2017 when I participated at a Diocesan Youth Conference for the first time. I opened my heart to God and let him into my life in a way I had never done before. Through encountering God’s love for me in a deep and personal way that weekend, I left with a strong desire to grow in my faith and to love the God who first loved me.

That fall as I began studying at the University of Victoria, CCO entered my life. My faith was nourished, supported and challenged through faith studies and retreats, a welcoming community, and the witness of faith in Catholic young adults which inspired me. Though hesitant at first, and at many other points along the way, I continued to say ‘yes’ to what God was asking me, and as a result, I grew in confidence as a student leader and in sharing my faith with others. Time and time again, my ‘yes’ to God, while initially filling me with fear, culminated with me experiencing joy and fullness of life.

This couldn’t be more true for my ‘yes’ to participating in CCO’s Mission in Vancouver in the summer of 2021. Having experienced such joy and life during my three weeks on the Vancouver Mission, I knew God was calling me to step out into the deep, and completely trust in his plan for me. I knew I was called to continue sharing Jesus with others as a Campus Missionary so that they too could come to know the love and joy of Jesus Christ.

As a Headstart Campus Missionary, I will have the privilege of leading and accompanying others in their faith, while continually deepening my own. I am very excited to enter fully into the evangelizing mission and to share the Good News of our Lord with those who need to hear his saving message. I have witnessed God change lives through CCO, and, with great anticipation, I look forward to seeing what God has in store for me and those who I meet!


Please pray for the health of my family. Also for the Catholic youth in my hometown of Campbell River, that they may encounter the love of Christ and grow in their faith. And for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon the Church, that she, through all its members, may boldly and gently share the Gospel with all peoples.

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