My Story

I grew up just outside of Guelph, Ontario with my parents and my older sister. My sister and I were raised Catholic and would attend mass on Sundays with our mother. Growing up, I loved to learn about the faith, but it was never personal. In my senior year of high school, I encountered Jesus during Adoration and I realized that Jesus loves me personally and deeply. I wanted to grow in my relationship with Him, but I soon entered university and was captured by the hustle and bustle of student life.

In my second year of university, I met CCO and attended a young adult Catholic conference called Rise Up. During this conference, we were challenged to share our faith with our friends. Even though I wanted to share God’s love with my friends, I just kept thinking that I wasn’t good enough to do so. I was then overcome with the reassurance that Jesus didn’t die for me despite my failures and worries, but because of those things. I couldn’t let those things keep me from Him. My heart overflowed at this realization – it meant that God was in my heart, and if I let him, he would use me to accomplish great things.

I served for two years at the University of Winnipeg, where I was able to witness God work powerfully in the lives of the students. I learned that spiritual conversations over coffee are key and strong community is powerful.

Currently I am serving as the Team Leader at the University of Ottawa. With the team of missionaries and student leaders, we strive to reach students with the Gospel and build them up as missionary disciples. The University of Ottawa was founded by in 1848 by the first Bishop of Ottawa and the motto remains: “God is the Lord of All Knowledge.”


For the CCO missionaries and students at the University of Ottawa; that we may work together with the Holy Spirit toward the renewal of the world.

For all staff and students at the University of Ottawa; that they may encounter God’s love.

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