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Miriam David

Campus Missionary

University of Ottawa

I went to University in Exeter, England. When I arrived, I wasn’t practicing my faith. I wanted to fit in and be liked, and ended up doing a lot of things that I regretted. It was guilt that made me reach out to my local Chaplaincy, where I met other young, faithful Catholics. They befriended me and intrigued me by living differently. They prayed with me and were willing to discuss the faith. Eventually, I was moved to go to Confession and began a personal relationship with Jesus for the first time.

I met CCO on a study abroad year in Victoria, BC. I was reached out to by missionaries on my first day, and led by a student leader through the first faith study – Discovery. Completely captivated by what CCO did, I went on to lead Discovery myself and participate in the other four studies that year.

When I returned to the UK to finish my degree, I started leading my friends and university peers through the faith studies. I realized that I wanted more – I wanted to be a full-time missionary and learn how to be a leader in a movement that could renew the whole world.

Both my visa and my staff application were accepted, and I was sent to the University of Ottawa where I have been serving since. I LOVE MY STUDENTS AND STAFF FAMILY. And I have learned so much about how to be missionary.

My heart still breaks for all the university students in the UK who don’t have full-time missionaries on their campuses. I wish someone had been there to reach out to me sooner. But I know that God longs for it more than I do, and He can do amazing things with our small yeses.


Please pray for my family, friends, students, and for the renewal of England.

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