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Molly Palmer

Marketing and Media Team Member

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My Story

I was born and raised in rural Nova Scotia. My family was raised Christian and even from a young age I have had a deep desire to know and love God. I prayed to him and did what the Bible said to, but for the first half of my life, I’d never had a personal encounter with him.

When I was ten years old, my parents sent me to a Christian summer camp. The games were fun and the snacks were tasty, but the talks are what stick out in my mind, even today. It wasn’t until I heard someone else speak about hearing God’s voice in prayer that I really considered how personal a relationship with Christ could be – I wanted that. In fact, I was hurt in my little heart that God had never “spoken” to me before. I asked my camp counsellor about it and she asked if I’d ever invited Jesus into my heart. This stumped me. Wasn’t he already there? That day I found out that Jesus was longing to be asked for a relationship, He wasn’t going to barge into my life unprompted. Once I did, I felt His peace and realized that God doesn’t necessarily speak to us audibly – He speaks directly into the heart. Since then I’ve fallen completely in love with Jesus and am always blown away by His goodness. It’s taken years of constant growth and reliance on God through each season of my life to reach where I am now: Being a CCO Missionary!

CCO changed my life and helped me to grow exponentially in my relationship with Christ through two years of secular community college, and now I’m super excited that I’m able to give back to the ministry as a part of the Communications team with CCO this fall! As a film school graduate, I felt a calling to use my education for the greater glory of God. I am really looking forward to seeing God use me to bring Jesus to young adults all over the country and beyond through our work in Communications.


For the faith of my family through hard times
For courage and passion in regards to my ministry with CCO
For those who are isolated and/or lonely, that they may find love in God and their communities

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