Nathaniel de Jesus

Campus Missionary, University of Victoria
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My family consists of an earnest father, loving mother, and supportive sister and brother! Among a litany of uncles, aunts and cousins, I have been blessed with an incredible family. My parents, Juanito and Milagros, have brought me and my sister up in the Church, receiving the Sacraments and staying obedient.

In this world that is connected so loosely through devices, we are invited to be connected so intimately to our God!
When I genuflect at Mass, I reflect on God the Father as my father, the Son as my brother, and the Holy Spirit as our power. The reality of the Trinity continues to amaze me! In His infinite nature, He has chosen and adopted me! I realize now, that I am never alone. I have my family, the kinship of the Litany of Saints (known and unknown), and our Father. If He is for us, than who/what can stop us?

Being on staff with CCO, I am a campus missionary at the University of Victoria. In my life and mission, I always hope to respond to His Love, to grow in virtue, and assist my brothers and sisters who know Him or have yet to meet Him!

A highlight of being on staff is being able to be my whole self, faith and all. I love engaging full-time in evangelization and having the support of friends old and new! The Gospel is the foundation of my family and the commissioning from the CCO family, and on top of that the empowering of the Holy Spirit! I have a phenomenal team that I can depend on, with the final goal being authentic Love! That joy is only obtained through Christ being proclaimed.

With spiritual direction and virtuous company, the gravity of the Sacraments have shown me the Light of the world. I have experienced this also through the faith studies and especially during adoration at the Summit where also Confession is available. I remember doing my first confession in a long time at a retreat. The sin dump that happened then had freed me from the shackles of my past. Healing continued to happen because I allowed Him into my past, present and future! I would like to share the reality of this authentic beauty and love that is the Catholic Church with others.

The challenge to be spiritually healthy is very serious. I will strive to become the best version of myself, and here, as a missionary, is an essential step to growth. The role of being a leader is daunting, but that intimidation is extinguished with the pillars of support being family, friends, the Church, and God!


For the conversion of our friends and family, may they see the romance of the Passion and come to know Him personally.

For the persecuted and their prosecutors, may they encounter Jesus and find peace.

For the world to see the true objective value of life.

For our priests, deacons, bishops, cardinals and our Pope, may they continue to lead us with integrity and unity with the Trinity.

For CCO’s mission, may we engage with the students and future leaders of Canada with thoroughness and charm.

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