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Nic Carvalho

Campus Missionary

University of Victoria

I was born and raised Catholic and always wanted to practice the faith. I remember making a clear decision to give my life to Jesus when I was 13 years old. I sought to grow in understanding of the faith and holiness. However, it wasn’t until 15 years later, at age 28, after 7 years as a seminarian, after serving as a missionary for 1 year on NET Canada, countless conferences, retreats and spiritual direction that I encountered Jesus in a life-changing way.

Why did it take me 15 years for Jesus to move from my head to my heart? I’m sure I won’t fully know until the next life, but as I think back on what my faith was like, I know I often doubted God’s love for me. I knew that He loved everyone, but I didn’t believe He could love a sinner like me. Weird, eh? I let lies darken my heart and mind from truly believing what I professed to believe.

Through a series of fortunate events (God’s providence in prayer, spiritual direction, confession, prayer and deliverance ministry, friends) I came to experience God like I never had before. It felt like I had met Jesus for the first time! I knew I had to share this love with others.

Despite that, and as seen above, and maybe experienced by yourself, the longest journey we take is sometimes from our head to our heart. So, I ran from ministry. I told the Lord, I’m done serving you in this dedicated way. I’ve done this for most of my life (almost 20 years)! It’s now time for me, to store up wealth, to do what I want, to serve my needs.

But, oh, the Lord is so good to me. He called me, and chased me, and finally I turned and listened and heard Him calling me to serve Him again in dedicated service. I joined CCO in May 2019, and was sent with my wife and daughter and son to share the Great News with the students of UVic!

I encourage you to think of my story (and maybe you’re experiencing that right now – knowing about Jesus, but not knowing Him), and how many souls are searching for meaning and purpose and love. I’m so blessed to be able to journey with these young people.

I have seen and been involved with students here at UVic (also SFU and UBC) and have witnessed Jesus change lives! It’s been amazing


Please keep me, my wife and our kids in your prayers, as well as the students we are reaching out to. We want to offer them the chance to experience the Love of God, to have a relationship with Jesus like never before. We are keeping you in our prayers. Thank you.

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