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Nicholas Zambon

Technical Production Specialist

Program Support

"We have come to know and believe the love that God has for us."
1 John 4:16

My Story

Some of my favourite memories of working side-by-side CCO staff started before I officially became a CCO missionary. Actually, there are five memories spread across five years, exactly one year apart: New Year’s Eve at CCO’s annual Rise Up conference. The countdown to midnight seems similar to any other countdown at any other party—a dance floor, lights, and yelling. But the similarities end as soon as the worship music begins and hundreds of university students offer up the first moments of the new year to the Lord. What a beautiful sight (and sound!).

Because of my involvement with the Rise Up conference as a sound engineer, and then as a worship co-leader, the behind-the-scenes work of CCO staff certainly inspired me over the years. I saw their love for the lost and was encouraged by the resulting fruit: university students encountering Christ more personally through times of worship and prayer. I’ve since joined the ranks of those inspiring CCO missionaries, and feel honoured to be able to use my gifts to further the mission.

My Mission

This year I will be working as part of the Media Team at CCO headquarters in Ottawa. This means being a little bit of a creative jack-of-all-trades: photography, videography, web and graphic design—our team works hard to present the Gospel as clearly and beautifully as possible. Sometimes sitting at my desk can feel a little removed from the ‘front lines’ of a university campus, CCO’s focus. But knowing how ‘plugged-in’ students are, we are on the front lines, vying for students’ digital attention. We have the ability to help connect students with our missionaries on campus, inform students of mission opportunities and events like Rise Up, and we’re also able to provide beautiful videos and resources.

Look, ma—I’m using my techy skills for the Lord!

Help Make Jesus Known

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