Rachel Hidocos

Campus Missionary, University of Victoria
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When I was 13, I was invited to join a youth group, and it was there that I encountered Christ’s personal love for me for the first time, outside my own family. After encountering this in such a deep and personal way through the gift of community, I couldn’t help but respond.

This desire to act manifested itself in increased involvement with my youth group, in my parish, and in the sacraments. And, with time, Christ became a huge part of my life. But something still felt… missing, and I wasn’t sure what it was. It was a few years later, when I entered university, that the Lord would answer this burning question by bringing another community into my life: CCO.

Through CCO, I was able to see that the Lord had given me all the puzzle pieces I needed in my life to attain lasting peace and happiness, but in allowing my own needs and desires to dictate their arrangement, I left one crucial piece out: Christ.

CCO helped me to see that though I knew who He was, I was still struggling to completely accept His love for me. But they, along with the dear friends I had made through youth group, helped me to do just that. How? By showing me that a Christ-centred relationship is not one characterized by a certain level of perfection, but by a commitment. After accepting an invitation from CCO to place Christ at the centre of my life, the Lord’s plan for me unfolded in a way that was more beautiful than I could have ever imagined.

Starting September 2018, I will be a campus missionary at the University of Victoria. I’m so excited to be on the front lines for the mission of the New Evangelization (I’m actually smiling as I write this), and to students to come to a place where they’re able to not only accept God’s love for them, but to also discover the true joy that comes with living in the fullness of the Catholic faith.


For the hearts of all those who do not know Christ, and for those who do not know Him well enough just yet, that they may come to know Him personally, and experience His love for them in their day-to-day lives.