My Story

I was born and raised into a wonderful and loving Catholic family. I encountered the Lord at a youth retreat in 2013 at the age of 13 years old. 11 years later and He has taken me on an adventure of a lifetime. One where I have given and have still yet to give the best years of my life.

CCO found me at a time where I was 8 years into my service as a youth leader. At this point in my life, I wasn’t in a good place. It was towards the end of the pandemic, I was burnt out and I had given so much of myself that I forgotten to take care of me.

And when I started questioning my relationship with God and his love for me. Circumstance, or rather God, allowed me to journey with a CCO missionary on a one on one setting for both my source and growth studies. It was in these Faith Studies where he both mentored and guided me back to the Lord. Allowing me to reignite my love and joy for God.

In the heartaches and the joys of this journey, his love never fails.

My Mission

In the community I served in, prior to CCO, we creatives/artists identified ourselves as “Creative Missionaries”. Because we know that in all we do, all the art that we produce is for his greater glory. And that our talents are only possible through him.

I carry this identity to heart because it is my desire to share Christ Creatively, Lovingly, and Joyfully. Art in all its forms brings people together, sparks conversations, and inspires others.

I believe it is an important to bring a piece of Christ, the byproducts of our love for God on these media platforms. The artist reflects the things they love.

Help Ruddy-Sann Make Jesus Known

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