Rysa Catapang

Campus Missionary, University of Calgary
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Being raised in a Catholic family, Jesus has always been a part of my life and growing up I was always drawn into the Catholic faith. However I never entertained the desire I had for Jesus because I never quite understood His importance in my life. Thus, all throughout high school and even the first few years of university He was never the priority in my life.

I started learning more and more about the Catholic faith when I began taking faith studies with CCO during my third year in university. My faith and relationship with Jesus started to strengthen and it was not until December 2017 that I encountered God in a unique way at CCO’s national conference called RiseUp. The theme of one of the talks that was given was to trust in God and to give Him “dominion over every aspect of your life.” During this RiseUp, I was in my last year of university and I was unsure and confused as to what I was going to do when I graduate. I was moved after this talk and it was right then and there that I had given God my “yes”. I had surrendered to Him, gave Him my full unwavering trust and decided to place Him at the centre of my life. I can honestly say that accepting God into my life has been the best decision that I have ever made. After accepting Him fully into my life so many opportunities surfaced and Pope Benedict’s words now made sense when he said, “if we let Christ into our lives, we lose nothing…He takes nothing away and He gives you everything”.

This upcoming Fall I will be a campus missionary at the University of Saskatchewan working with university students and engaging with them through faith studies, fellowship and other means. I will be working towards helping them discover Jesus and the relationship that we are all called to have with Him. I am excited to see what CCO will bring and do to student’s faith and spiritual journey and I am honoured to be a part of it all!


Please keep the students that I will be working with in your prayers as well as my fellow missionaries who will also be working in various campus locations across Canada.