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Sarah Gillian

Campus Missionary Intern

Memorial University

I grew up in Nova Scotia in a very loving family. Ever since I was a little girl I’ve loved both Jesus and the Church, but I didn’t make the conscious choice to place Him at the centre of my life until I was attending a Steubenville Youth Conference when I was 17 years old. During a night of prayer I looked upon the Eucharist and felt as though I was gazing upon the face of an old friend, someone who had been a faithful part of my life for as long as I could remember. But in that moment I fully grasped that I had never actually chosen Him, He had always just been there. I knew that I wanted this to change, and I invited Him to be the centre of my life. This experience changed me profoundly. I realized not only that the Lord had an amazing plan for my life, but that the Church was ALIVE and full of hope. I was inspired by the young people I saw filling the auditorium around me and knew that I wanted to do everything I could to show the world the beauty and truth that the Lord has to offer them.

I first experienced CCO when I moved away to university and met a former CCO missionary who saw my love for Jesus and a potential in myself that I didn’t see. She helped me realize that I was capable of proclaiming the Gospel clearly and simply, and because of her investment in my life I began to understand the vision of CCO: that the renewal of the world is possible, and that it starts one person at a time.

Once I realized that I could actually proclaim the Gospel as Jesus commanded us to do, I discovered that there was no other more meaningful work I could ever do with my life. Over the past few years God has made it abundantly clear that He was calling me to join CCO staff full-time. My involvement with CCO has even led me on a summer mission trip to Cameroon! I am so excited to embark on a new journey with CCO this year, bringing the Gospel to campus as a full-time missionary and watching as the Lord transforms lives right in front of me. Living out my missionary identity to the fullest I now feel like I’m a part of something much greater than myself, the most important thing I could ever do with my life. Nothing makes me more joyful than leading others to a personal encounter with Jesus.


Please pray for my team at Memorial University in Newfoundland, and that each and every student we encounter on campus will experience God’s personal love for them.

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